Fables of Æsop, according to Sir Roger L'Estrange

"This book combines the 1692 translation of the Fables by English journalist Sir Roger L'Estrange with 50 drawings created especially as illustration for the tales by American sculptor, painter, and illustrator Alexander Calder. ... Two hundred and one of the traditional fables are narrate...

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Contributors: Aesop., L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704., Calder, Alexander, 1898-1976, (Illustrator)
Format: Book
Published: New York, Dover Publications [1967]
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130 0 |a Aesop's fables.  |k Selections.  |l English. 
245 1 0 |a Fables of Æsop, according to Sir Roger L'Estrange  |c With fifty drawings by Alexander Calder 
260 |a New York,  |b Dover Publications  |c [1967] 
300 |a 124 pages  |b illustrations  |c 24 cm 
336 |a text  |b txt  |2 rdacontent 
337 |a unmediated  |b n  |2 rdamedia 
338 |a volume  |b nc  |2 rdacarrier 
500 |a "An unabridged and unaltered republication of the work originally published ... in 1931." 
505 0 |a A stag drinking -- A lyon [lion], ass, and fox -- A lion and an asse [ass] -- A farmer and his dogs -- An old tree transplanted -- A nightingale and a bat -- Fishing in troubled waters -- Jupiter and a herds-man -- A pigeon and a picture -- A boy and cockles -- A fox and a carv'd [carved] head -- Jupiter and modesty -- A bee-master -- A hare and a tortoise -- A crow and a raven -- A fox and a crab -- A miller burying his gold -- A dog and a wolfe [wolf] -- Asses to Jupiter -- A shepherd and his sheep -- A gnat challenges a lyon [lion] -- Jupiter's wedding -- A husbandman and a stork -- A woman and a fat hen -- A daw [jackdaw] and pigeons -- Jupiter and fraud -- Mercury and Tiresias -- A sow and a bitch -- A fox and grapes -- A wolfe [wolf] and a lyon [lion] -- The belly and members -- A lyon [lion], fox, and a wolfe [wolf] -- A lyoness [lioness] and a fox -- Two young men and a cook -- A wolf and a sow -- The washing of a blackmore -- A raven and a swan -- A crow and a dog -- Mercury and a statuary -- A stag and a lyon [lion] -- A countryman and a snake -- A fox and a stork -- A frog and a mouse -- A lion and a bear -- A dog and a cock upon a journy [journey] -- An axe [ax] and a forrest [forest] -- A tree and a wedge -- The eagle and arrow -- A thrush taken with birdlime -- A woman and her two daughters -- A cat and Venus -- An asse [ass] and an ungrateful master -- An old dog and his master -- A dog invited to supper -- The frogs chuse [choose] a king -- A raven and a snake -- A thunny [tuna] and a dolphin -- Two enemies at sea -- Hares, foxes, and eagles -- A cat and a cock -- A wolf and a lamb -- A city mouse and a country mouse -- A young man and a swallow -- A lark in a net -- A fox and huntsmen -- Two travellers [travelers] and a bag of money -- A wife and a drunken husband. 
505 0 |a A pigeon and a crow -- An asse [ass] and a whelp -- A boy and a snake -- A collyer [charcoal-maker] and a fuller [cloth cleaner] -- A thrush and a swallow -- A camel at first sight -- A fox and a lyon [lion] -- An unhappy match -- A mole and her dam -- A wolfe [wolf] and a fox -- A shepherd turn'd [turned] merchant -- An eagle and a fox -- A goat and a vine -- A fawn and a stag -- Mercury and a carpenter -- A swallow and a crow -- A wild ass and a tame -- An ant and a fly -- A flea and Hercules -- A lyon [lion] in love -- Wasps in a honey-pot -- An old man and a lyon [lion] -- Jupiter and a serpent -- An ape and a fox -- A doctor and patient with sore eyes -- A cat and mice -- A sheep and a crow -- A fox and a bramble -- A dog and a wolfe [wolf] -- Fisherman disappointed -- A doctor and his patient -- The kite, hawk, and pigeons -- A bat, bramble, and cormorant -- A swallow and other birds -- Large promises -- A snake and a file -- A smith and his dog -- A flea and a man -- A lyon [lion] and a bull -- A father and sons -- A gardiner [gardener] and his dog -- A fox that lost his tayle [tail] -- A fox and a raven -- An old lion -- An imposter to the oracle -- Cocks and a partridge -- Mercury and a traveller [traveler] -- A dog, a sheep, and a wolf -- A lark and her young ones -- The stag and the oxen -- A dog and a shadow -- A kingfisher -- Death and an old man -- A fox and a crocodile -- A fowler and a black-bird -- A cock and a diamond -- A lion, an ass, &c., a hunting -- A crow and a muscle -- A boasting mule -- A dog in a manger -- A fowler and a pigeon -- A sick kite and her mother -- A hen and a swallow -- An asse [ass] and a wolf -- A horse and a lion -- A wolfe [wolf] and a sheep -- A shepherd and a wolves whelp -- A boy and false alarums [alarms] -- A hound and a mastiffe [mastiff] -- Thieves that stole a cock -- A fox and a sick lyon [lion] -- A fowler and a partridge -- A wolfe [wolf] and a kid. 
505 0 |a A man and two wives -- A mountain in labour [labor] -- An asse [ass], a lyon [lion], and a cock -- A fortune-teller -- A cunning woman -- An astrologer and a traveller [traveler] -- A boar and a horse -- A stag and a horse -- A man and a wooden god -- A man bit by a dog -- An eagle and a man -- A wolf and a crane -- A sow and a dog -- A camel praying for horns -- A fox and a hare to Jupiter -- A peacock to Juno -- A trumpeter taken prisoner -- A horse and an asse [ass] -- A bat and a weazle [weasel] -- A bat, birds, and beasts -- An estriche [ostrich], birds, and beasts -- A gall'd [galled] ass and a raven -- An asse [ass], an ape and a mole -- The hares and the frogs -- A snake and a crab -- A stag with one eye -- Wasps, partridges, and a husbandman -- A fox and a goat -- Jupiter and a bee -- A wolf, kid, and goat -- A league betwixt [between] the wolves and the sheep -- Apples and horse-turds -- A peach, an apple, and a blackberry -- A boy and his mother -- An ant formerly a man -- A daw [jackdaw] with a sting at's [at its] foot -- A fisherman and his pipe -- A fisherman's good luck -- A laden asse [ass] and a horse -- Two neighbour [neighbor]-frogs -- A father and his sons -- A lion and a mouse -- A daw [jackdaw] and borrow'd [borrowed] feathers -- A wolfe [wolf], a lamb, and a goat -- An old weazle [weasel] and mice -- A dog and a thief -- A fox and a weazle [weasel] -- A bragging traveller [traveler] -- An ape and a fox -- A countryman and a snake -- A frog and an oxe [ox] -- Two frogs that wanted water -- A hunted bever [beaver] -- A swan and a goose -- An eagle and a daw [jackdaw] -- An ass and the frogs -- Travellers [travelers] by the sea-side -- A dog and a butcher -- An ape and a dolphin -- A musician -- Two cocks fighting. 
520 |a "This book combines the 1692 translation of the Fables by English journalist Sir Roger L'Estrange with 50 drawings created especially as illustration for the tales by American sculptor, painter, and illustrator Alexander Calder. ... Two hundred and one of the traditional fables are narrated here"--Page 4 of cover. 
541 0 |c gift;  |a Harry Adamson;  |d 11-3-17 
650 0 |a Fables, Greek  |v Adaptations. 
650 0 |a Fables, Greek  |x Illustrations. 
600 0 4 |a Aesop. 
600 1 4 |a Calder, Alexander,  |d 1898-1976. 
650 7 |a Fables, Greek.  |2 fast  |0 (OCoLC)fst00919421 
655 7 |a Adaptations.  |2 fast  |0 (OCoLC)fst01423910 
655 7 |a Illustrated works.  |2 fast  |0 (OCoLC)fst01423873 
700 0 |a Aesop. 
700 1 |a L'Estrange, Roger,  |c Sir,  |d 1616-1704. 
700 1 |a Calder, Alexander,  |d 1898-1976,  |e illustrator. 
852 |a Historical Society of Pennsylvania  |b Closed Stacks  |h PA 3855 .E5 L4 1967  |t 1 
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