Item Description: Edition of 450 copies.
With this are issued: The domestic life and characteristics of the Pennsylvania-German pioneer, part VI of a narrative and critical history, prepared at the request of the Pennsylvania-German Society, by Rev. F.J.F. Schantz; The German immigration into Pennsylvania through the port of Philadelphia, and "the redemptioners," part VII of a narrative and critical history, by Frank Reid Diffenderffer; the German Baptist Brethren or Dunkers, part VIII of a narrative and critical history, by George N. Falkenstein; En hondfull färsh: experiments in Pennsylvania-German verse, by J. Max Hark; and Descendants of Henry Melchior Mühlenberg, by H.M.M. Richards.
Volume 10 issued in 2 parts.
Reprinted from the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, October, 1900. [v. 24].
Physical Description: 41-46 p. ; 26 cm.