Newspapers in microform United States

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Previous Title:Library of Congress. Union Catalog Division. Newspapers on microfilm
Corporate Authors: Library of Congress Catalog Management and Publication Division, Library of Congress Catalog Publication Division
Format: Serial
Published: Washington : Library of Congress,
Series:Library of Congress catalogs
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210 0 |a Newsp. microform U. S. 
222 0 |a Newspapers in microform: United States. 
245 0 0 |a Newspapers in microform  |p United States  |c [compiled and edited by the Catalog Management and Publication Division, Library of Congress] 
260 |a Washington :  |b Library of Congress, 
265 |a Library of Congress, Catalog Management and Publication Division, Madison Bldg., Washington, D.C. 20540 
300 |a v. ;  |c 28 cm. 
362 1 |a Began with issue for 1948/72. 
440 0 |a Library of Congress catalogs 
500 |a Description based on: 1948-1983. 
515 |a Issued in 2 vols. 
550 |a Compiled and edited by: Catalog Publication Division, Library of Congress. 
580 |a Cumulates the United States' sections of the 1948-1972 publications, the 1973-1977 quinquennial, the annual issues for 1978-1982, and the reports received in <1983-> 
650 0 |a American newspapers  |x Microform catalogs. 
650 0 |a American newspapers  |x Bibliography  |x Union lists. 
650 0 |a Newspapers in microform  |x Bibliography  |x Union lists. 
650 0 |a Catalogs, Union. 
710 2 |a Library of Congress  |b Catalog Management and Publication Division 
710 2 |a Library of Congress  |b Catalog Publication Division 
760 0 |t Library of Congress catalogs  |x 0145-8728 
770 1 |t Newspapers in microform  |x 0097-9627  |w (DLC) 75644000  |w (OCoLC)1354452 
780 0 1 |a Library of Congress. Union Catalog Division.  |t Newspapers on microfilm  |w (DLC) 53060042  |w (OCoLC)1781242 
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852 |a Historical Society of Pennsylvania  |b Reading Room  |h REF PN 4855.U56a  |t 1 
852 |a Historical Society of Pennsylvania  |b Pennsylvania Room  |h INDEX Z 6945.U5 Anther copy in stacks  |t 1 
890 |a United States. Newspapers in microform. United States. 
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