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035 |z lti00002144  
035 |z EISI168209 
110 2 0 |a Philadelphia Record 
245 1 0 |a Philadelphia streets (Part 1) 
260 |a 1910-1946 
300 |a 1 map 
300 |a 47 photoprints : silver gelatin; 4 photoprints 11"x 17" or smaller 
500 |a Part of the Philadelphia Record Photograph Collection; for general information, see collection record. 
500 |a For specific street names refer to: V7:3607-3608/3613-3615/3618/3620- 3626/3630-3638. 
520 |a Contains the following street views: Dallas Street at 18th, Delancey between 18th and 20th, Delaware and Devereaux, 18th south towards Chestnut, 52nd at Chestnut, Erringer Place, Filbert Street near Penn Square, the 5600 block of Germantown Avenue, the 2500 east block of Gordon, Girard west from 11th, Griscom between Overington and Orthodox, 18th at Hunting Park Avenue, the 8000 block of Michener Street, 9th at Chestnut, Oregon at 10th, Penrose Ferry Road west of the Schuylkill River, Pine Street at 42nd and at 57th, Porter Street, Powelton Avenue, Race Street near Chinatown and the Delaware River Bridge, and the 3300 block of Ridge Avenue. Documents the intersection of Walker and Comley Streets before buildings were demolished to create Harbison Avenue, an extension of Aramingo Avenue. Shows Arch Street at 3rd and further west, as well as Old York Road during rail construction. Portrays peddlers at 4th and South Streets, war veterans from Jasper Street, and children playing football at Marsden near Dickinson. Shows the proposed site for Pennsylvania Avenue from 30th Street Station. Includes reproductions of views of High Street, and a map showing the Randolph Boulevard bridge approach.  |b The "Street Scenes" file contains unidentified views as well as 13th and Spruce, 63rd and Passyunk, the 800 block of 44th, Montgomery at 18th, and a view of the courtyard on Iseminger. Oversize includes the following streets: 6000 block of Drexel Road, Mercer street in Bridesburg, and Tower street near Roxborough Ave. 
561 |a Gift of the Philadelphia Record 
650 4 |a Streets  |z Pennsylvania  |z Philadelphia 
650 4 |a Residential streets  |z Pennsylvania  |z Philadelphia 
651 4 |a Harbison Avenue (Philadelphia, Pa.) 
651 4 |a Pine Street (Philadelphia, Pa.) 
651 4 |a Race Street (Philadelphia, Pa.) 
651 4 |a 18th Street (Philadelphia, Pa.) 
651 4 |a Chestnut Street (Philadelphia, Pa.) 
651 4 |a Germantown Avenue (Philadelphia, Pa.) 
651 4 |a Delaware Avenue (Philadelphia, Pa.) 
651 4 |a Girard Avenue (Philadelphia, Pa.) 
651 4 |a Pennsylvania Avenue (Philadelphia, Pa.) 
651 4 |a Penrose Ferry Road (Philadelphia, Pa.) 
651 4 |a Dallas Street, 1800 Blk. (Philadelphia, Pa.) 
651 4 |a Delancey Place, 1800-2000 Blks. (Philadelphia, Pa.) 
651 4 |a Hunting Park Avenue, 1800 Blk. (Philadelphia, Pa.) 
651 4 |a Ridge Avenue, 3300 Blk. (Philadelphia, Pa.) 
651 4 |a Old York Road (Philadelphia, Pa.) 
651 4 |a South Street, 400 Blk. (Philadelphia, Pa.) 
651 4 |a Arch Street (Philadelphia, Pa.) 
852 |a Historical Society of Pennsylvania  |b Closed Stacks  |h V7:360x-363x, V7ov:145  |t 1 
995 |a (CPomAG)61130382 
035 |a EISI168209 
035 |a lti00002144  
856 4 2 |u http://discover.hsp.org/Search/Results?type=AllFields&limit=10&filter%5B%5D=hierarchy_top_title%3A%22Philadelphia+Record+Photograph+Morgue%22  |y Philadelphia Record Photograph Morgue (Name Index) 
520 |a These subject entries for the Philadelphia Record newspaper’s photo “morgue” are primarily for Places (buildings, parks, streets, etc.), Things (Bicycles, Bison, Blind Persons [just sampling the B’s]), Events (Democratic National Convention 1936, Flourtown Fair, Harvest Week) and Social Constructs (Home Economics, City Planning, Eating & Drinking, etc.). Each of these subjects became a MARC record which included a call number. In the case of these records, the call numbers are the actual folder numbers for the materials referenced. Therefore, these subject headings are really also an index for this section of the Philadelphia Record newspaper’s photograph morgue. [The name section of the Philadelphia Record photo morgue represents individuals, A-Z, and