Josiah Quincy

Josiah Quincy may refer to:

*Josiah Quincy I (1710–1784), American merchant, planter, soldier, and politician *Josiah Quincy II (1744–1775), American lawyer and patriot *Josiah Quincy III (1772–1864), American educator and political figure, mayor of Boston, 1823–1828 *Josiah Quincy Jr. (1802–1882), American politician, mayor of Boston, 1845–1849 *Josiah Quincy (1859–1919), American politician from Massachusetts, mayor of Boston, 1896–1900 *Josiah Quincy (New Hampshire politician) (1793–1875), American politician and lawyer in New Hampshire Provided by Wikipedia
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    Published 1805
    In collection: Published Materials
    Other Authors: '; ...Quincy, Josiah, 1772-1864...