John Swift

John Swift may refer to:

* John Swift (barrister) (born 1940), English barrister and Queen's Counsel * John Swift (cricketer) (1852–1926), Australian first-class cricketer and Test match umpire * John Swift (footballer, born 1984), English footballer for Bradford City * John Swift (footballer, born 1995), English footballer for West Bromwich Albion * John Swift (general) (1761–1814), American military officer * John Swift (politician) (1790–1873), American lawyer and politician * John Swift (trade unionist) (1896–1990), Irish trade union leader * John E. Swift (1879–1967), American judge and the ninth Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus * John Franklin Swift (1829–1891), Republican member of the California State Assembly in the 19th century * John H. Swift (1840–1911), Irish-American manufacturer and politician * John Swift, a party in ''Swift v. Tyson'', 41 U.S. (16 Pet.) 1 (1842) Provided by Wikipedia
Author: Swift, John, 1790-1873.
Published 1834
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