Hinton Rowan Helper

Hinton Rowan Helper c.1860 Engraving by [[Alexander Hay Ritchie Hinton Rowan Helper (December 27, 1829 – March 9, 1909), from North Carolina, was a writer, abolitionist, and white supremacist. In 1857, he published a book that he dedicated to the "non-slaveholding whites" of the South. Titled ''The Impending Crisis of the South: How to Meet It'' and written partly in North Carolina but published when the author was in the Northern United States, it argued that slavery hurt the economic prospects of non-slaveholders and was an impediment to the growth of the entire region of the South. Anger over his book due to the belief he was acting as an agent of the North attempting to split Southerners along class lines led to Southern denunciations of "Helperism." Provided by Wikipedia
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    Author: Helper, Hinton Rowan, 1829-1909
    Published 1867
    In collection: Published Materials
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