Godey's lady's book.

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New Title: Godey's magazine
Previous Title: Lady's book
Format: Journal
Language: English
Published: Philadelphia, Pa. : L.A. Godey
Subjects: Women's periodicals.
Costume > Periodicals.

Closed Stacks (call slip needed)

Call Number: Dm .254
Volume Holdings: v.20 (1840)- v.90 (1876); v.107(1883); v.110(1885); v.11(1885); v.114(1887)-v.115(1887); v.120 Jan.-Jun(1890); [missing v.21, v.32-33, v.37, v.50-51, v.53-61, v.80]
Miscellaneous issues in box: v.96 Jan. (1878); v.98 Jan. (1879); v.102 Apr. and Jun (1881); v.104 Apr. (1882); v.107 (Oct.1883); v.110 June (1865); v.111 Nov. and Dec. (1885)
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