Hugh Wynne: Free Quaker (extra illustrated biography) by Silas Weir Mitchell 1898

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Main Author: Mitchell, S. Weir (Silas Weir), 1829-1914 and Thomas Addis Emmet
Format: Manuscript
Language: English
Subjects: Biography--Wynne, Hugh
Quakers--Philadelphia--18th century
United States--History--American Revolution, 1775-1783--images
Summary: Weir's biography of Hugh Wynne, a member of Washington's staff during the revolution, was originally published in 1897. These four volumes were published the following year and contain illustrations by Emmet. Weir autographed and presented these volumes to Emmet in 1898. The volumes are extra illustrated with portrait reprints, original watercolors and 18th century manuscript.
Physical Description: 0.75 Linear feet 0.75 linear feet, 4 volumes
Collection Number: Ar.99.M.68.XI15.1.XI15.4

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