The Reminiscences of a Very Old Man, 1808-1897 (extra-illustrated autobiiography) by John Sartain 1898

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Main Author: Sartain, John 1808-1897
Format: Manuscript
Language: English
Subjects: Art and Artists--Philadelphia--19th Century.
Autobiography--Sartain, John
Engravings--Mezzotint--19th century
Summary: The autobiography of John Sartain, a prominent mezzotint engraver from Philadelphia, is a three volume set. Detailing his life, from his youth and young adulthood in England, to his adult life in the United States, Sartain uses this book to tell the story of the things he has seen, not necessarily of his own life. The volumes are extra-illustrated with engravings and portraits by Sartain himself and other engravers. Also included are some prints and photographs of locations mentioned in the text, original correspondence, genealogical information on the Sartain clan, and newspaper clippings. Three articles written by John Sartain earlier in his career are included in the back of Volume III entitled, "Housepainting and Decorating," "The Four Elements: A Paper Read before the Philadelphia College," and "On the Ancient Art of Painting in Encaustic."
Physical Description: 0.5 Linear feet 0.5 linear feet, 3 volumes
Collection Number: Ap.899.S.25.XI7.1.7.3

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