Elizabeth Graeme Fergusson collection 1766-1799

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Main Author: Fergusson, Elizabeth Graeme 1737-1801
Format: Manuscript
Language: English
Subjects: Poetry--18th century
Women's History--Poets and Translators--18th century
Summary: Elizabeth Graeme Fergusson would probably have been one of the most celebrated poets of the late-18th century, if it weren't for her gender. She was respected by the likes of George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, and often entertained famous authors at her home, Graeme Park. She was engaged to Franklin's son, William, from 1752 until 1762 when he married another woman in London. Elizabeth later married Henry Hugh Fergusson, a Tory sympathizer, who forced her to participate in Loyalist activities. When the two were caught by the colonists, her land and home were seized, along with most of the couple's personal possessions. However, because of her close friendship with Washington, she was able to convince him that she was a patriot at heart, and her home was returned to her. Fergusson fled to England, and she never saw him again. Commonplace books of religious poetry and prose written or copied by Elizabeth Graeme Fergusson, including several original translations of Psalms.
Physical Description: 0.25 Linear feet 0.25 linear feet, 2 volumes
Collection Number: Am.067

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