Emergency Aid of Pennsylvania Foundation records 1914-1980

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Corporate Author: Emergency Aid of Pennsylvania Foundation
Format: Manuscript
Language: English
Subjects: Charitable Organizations-Philadelphia.
Women's History--Charitable Organizations--Philadelphia
World War, 1914-1918--Civilian organizations
World War, 1914-1918--Relief
World War, 1939-1945--Volunteer and Community Organizations
Summary: Emergency Aid of Pennsylvania was a volunteer organization of women which began in 1914, when World War I made foreign and local relief necessary and at which time there was no Red Cross Chapter in Philadelphia. Its purpose, according to the Charter of Incorporation is "to carry on both at home and abroad, emergency and relief work for the benefit of the military forces and the civilian populations of the United States and of their Allies".In World War I the Emergency was the first organization in Philadelphia to forward relief supplies to the military and civilian forces of the Allies and throughout the War sent millions of dollars in money and supplies for overseas relief, having its own distributing centers in each country. In 1917 branches were organized throughout Pennsylvania. In World War II the Emergency Aid again forwarded relief supplies to the Allies and rendered services for the military personnel of the United States, including distribution of books and magazines to naval and military centers; knitted garments and comforts for service men, furnished and equipped recreation rooms in isolated Army posts, provided thousands of Christmas Kits and Survivor Kits for military men, operated canteens, provided housing and information services for enlisted men and women, arranged home entertainment for officers, supervised Clubs for Service Women, and cooperated with Navy League and Army Officers Club for Men. The Emergency Aid also maintained an Allied Work Room for volunteers for making garments for civilians abroad. The Emergency Aid Aides, a special service group, assigned volunteers to draft boards, O.P.A., hospitals, and numerous other war relief agencies and sold over $68,060,678 worth of war bonds. Throughout the war years and in the periods intervening and following, a concurrent local welfare program was carried on, including follow-up care for infantile paralysis victims, unemployment relief, supplemental meals for school children, emergency help and clothing for individuals and families, and providing help for the disabled, the sick, and the underprivileged.The collection includes monthly bulletins (1928-1960), newsletters/bulletins (1918-1978), bylaws (1943, 1956), World War I printed reports, membership and dues cards (1969-1970), personnel records, financial information (1970s), fundraising (1970s), special events (1970s), and charitable outreach projects (1970s). There are also 2 boxes of published books, most of which are about Philadelphia, and at least one scrapbook from the 1940s about Emergency Aid. Framed photographs and certificates, as well as oversized framed photos, are included. Artifacts include ribbons and wood cutouts, and phonograph records/radio interviews from World War II.
Physical Description: 70.0 Linear feet 70 linear feet, 62 boxes, unboxed binders and scrapbooks
Collection Number: 3263

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