Harrison family papers 1789-1964

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Main Author: Harrison family
Format: Manuscript
Language: English
Subjects: Harrison, George L. (George Leib) > 1811-1885.
Harrison , William Welsh > 1850-1927.
Harrison, Charles Curtis > 1877-1948
Harrison, Charles Custis > 1844-1929.
Harrison, Ellen N. (Ellen Nixon) > 1846-1922.
Harrison, Marie Louise > 1880-1966.
Lemoine, Ashton.
Lemoine, Louis Rice > 1858-1926.
Agriculture--Early 19th century.
Family life--Upper Class--19th Century
Family life--Upper Class-Philadelphia--20th Century
Summary: The Harrison family Papers consists mainly of the papers of Mr. Charles C. Harrison, Jr. (1877-1948) and Mrs. Marie Louise Lemoine Harrison (1880-1966). Both were born into wealthy and socially prominent families. Charles C. Harrison, Jr.́s father Charles Custis Harrison (1844-1929) was President of Franklin Sugar Refining Company until his retirement and the selling of the company in 1892. He also worked as Provost of the University of Pennsylvania from 1894 to 1911. Mrs. Charles C. Harrison, Jr. (ne©♭ Marie Louise Lemoine) was the only daughter of Louise Rice Lemoine of St. Louis, Missouri who was President of the United States Cast Iron Pipe and Foundry Company. Charles C. Harrison, Jr. studied at the University of Pennsylvania, graduating in 1899. He later founded Harrison & Company, an investment banking firm. On November 27, 1899 Charles C. Harrison, Jr. and Marie Louise Lemoine were married, and together continued the lifestyle they separately enjoyed. They had four children between 1902 and 1909. Both enjoyed travelling (through Europe and the British Isles particularly) and horse riding. At their beautiful old home, "Chuckswood" in Villanova, Pennsylvania, and "Spotswood" in The Plains, Virginia, they raised horses, rode, and were part of an active social life which that sport generates. The bulk of the collection consists of the papers of Mrs. Charles C. Harrison, Jr. She is the recipient of most of the correspondence (from family, first fianc©♭ then husband, children, and friends) between the years of 1894 ́ 1964. The letters reflect her interest in maintaining faraway as well as close family relationships. The collection also includes condolence letters on the death of her father Louis Rice Lemoine in 1926; appointment books from 1934 ́ 1935 and 1938 ́ 1945; papers on her writing of religious books, especially manuscripts notes and manuscripts copies of several works. Her husband and their children are also represented by family correspondence that dates from 1898 ́ 1963. There are also several photographs of Marie Louise Harrison, Charles C. Harrison, Jr., their children, friends, and travels, as well as their horses and homes. There are some papers of the Lemoine family, chiefly of Mrs. Harrison's father Louis Rice Lemoine (1858-1926). His papers contain personal correspondence from 1869 ́ 1925, and business correspondence, board minutes, and specification accounts from 1890 ́ 1926. There are also Ashton Lemoine accounts from 1906 ́ 1907 which mostly covers stock market transactions, and early Lemoine family correspondence and documents from 1789 ́ 1864. Among the miscellaneous papers are a Chuckswood Farm Stables book, scrapbooks, photographs, genealogical notes, newspaper clippings, and printed items.
Physical Description: 17.0 Linear feet 17 linear feet, 34 boxes, 9 volumes
Collection Number: 2048

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